A few testimonials from Horse-Concept seminar participants 

    Denis FOUCHER, Sales manager -  MICROSOFT Group

« It's fascinating ! The concept is brilliant and very professionally presented.
  Many thanks to the Horse-Concept team "

    Bénédicte DUFRESNE, Manager - FONDATION HOPALE

« It has taken me several years to find this Horse-Concept training course, which is the only approach that provides an objective review of strengths and weaknesses, allowing a focus on specific points for improvement."

    Patrick LOISEAU, Marketing Director for Europe - PFIZER Laboratories

« Amongst the many and varied management training, communication and personal development courses I've been on, I must admit the Horse-Concept course I participated in is incomparable.
It enabled me to not only make significant progress but also made me want to change.
It was a
 revelation ! » 

    Florence LESAFFRE, Industrial Manager - SDH Group

« There are no words strong enough to express the feelings and emotions of our whole team at the end of this innovative Horse-Concept leadership, communication and team spirit seminar.
It was exceptional, fantastic, prodigious, sensational, surprising, magic...
Of all the management and personal development seminars, this one with horses was the most emotionally intense 


« Many thanks to the Horse-Concept team for this outstanding and very enriching experience that our Management Committee had the pleasure of participating in.
We all left full of emotion and newly acquired understanding.
What a boost and what a moment of sharing and solidarity ! »

    Emilie MAHY, Opérations Manager - SMARTBOX

« Our Smartbox Supply Chain management team and I highly enjoyed the Horse-Concept seminar and thought it was excellent.
This practical training course took place in an atmosphere that was both professional and entertaining. The benefits are undeniable concerning both team motivation and self-awareness. »

    Serge NGUYEN, International Marketing Director - HERMES PARFUMS

« This innovative and original equi-management course was delightful. Using the horse as a teaching medium is very fitting and efficient, as is the seminar. The leadership exercises and the individual coaching taught me a lot about self-confidence and assertiveness.
This personal development equi-seminar enabled me to better assert myself thanks to the horse and changed my behaviour as manager over and above my expectations »

    Jessica JACQUEMIN and Claire MEUNIER, TOTAL Group

« Beyond the Horse-Concept team, who are both professional and pleasant, this course confronts us with a reality which is not possible to ignore.
The dynamics of comprehension and leadership behaviour encourage us to take a new and good look at ourselves and work on improvements.
Our 25 managers and ourselves became horse-whisperers for a while and the image that was sent back was amazingly true.
A real revelation and an amazing experience we recommend to everyone

    Christophe BRAND, manager - AIRBUS Group

« Many thanks for everything that you conveyed during this completely innovative management training seminar.
My team was delighted and gave very positive feedback.Thanks to this course the bonds between the team members have been strongly reinforced