The concept

     Live a memorable and authentic experience !

                           Leadership and team building seminars
                            In the company of horses and working with specialised coaches
                            For immediate impact and long term results

                                                            No prior knowledge of horses necessary
                                                            Work at ground level only, accessible to everyone


The Horse-Concept approach was elected "most innovative teaching method"
at the Professional Training Night on may 2009 in Paris - France

HORSE-CONCEPT transposes the horse to human relationship and the science of equine ethology (sometimes known as '' Horse Whispering'') to the world of business and management ; horse and horses in coaching and training.
It offers different versions :
             ''Individual leadership'' version    ......     for all managers and senior executives 
             ''Team building'' version                ......     for committees (management, project, etc) 
             ''Communication'' version             ......     for the general public
             ''Sales and negotiation'' version  ......     for sales people 

Today, more than ever,
discover the keys that will generate trust and support,
individual motivation and collective enthusiasm

MANAGERS  :   develop and build your leadership talents !
COMMITTEES :  improve the solidarity and efficiency of your team !
SALES PEOPLE  :   negotiate, convince, and obtain your clients' loyalty !





 Management and motivation
      > of men and women
 Team building
 Considerate communication
 Sales and commercial negotiation

 Executive committees
 General public
   Professional sport  Communication and motivation
 of sportsmen and women

 Parent/child relationship


                     Individual leadership and team spirit
A question of behaviour !

HORSE-CONCEPT is an innovative and original approach to training that :

    => instantaneously promotes and encourages leadership, negotiation, and collaborative
    => rapidly modifies undesirable behaviour
    => guarantees these changes are maintained over time by strong emotional anchoring

... all in a considerate and agreeable way, thanks to an extraordinary teacher, the only living being able to bring us this far and this fast to behavioural awareness and understanding of relationships :

                                                                          The Horse !
on the one hand because it has a prey animal's psychology, which means it has an awareness that enables it to detect leaders worthy of its trust, who can ensure its survival in the event of danger ;
  on the other hand because its extremely efficient social structure ensures solidarity and protection of the whole group in the event of danger or difficulty.